『Everything arises from the passion!』

Do you know the book titled “Beans: Four Principles for Running a Business in Good Times or Bad” ?
The book tells us about a small private cafe in Seattle where is neither a famous chain store nor located in a good location.
Nevertheless, local people have loved the cafe for a long time, to such an extent that they wait in line in front of the cafe since morning every day. This is a true story in the best sense of the word…


We research about material synthesis and surface modification by using a new synthesis process called solution plasma process. Cluster catalysts and electrode materials have been developed for applications in rechargeable batteries and fuel cells. Focusing on unique physicochemical properties of water, we explore the possibility of using this process to develop materials with new functionalities.

The solution plasma process (SPP), a liquid-phase plasma, is the method that the chemical reactions are driven by the generation of plasma in liquid environment. The strongly non-equilibrium plasma can initiate various reactive species and thus chemical reactions. By using the SPP, the use of reducing agent can be eliminated and the process is done with high speed reaction. Furthermore, because it is a low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma; we can generate a variety of plasmas by choosing the combinations of solvents and solutes in solutions. To synthesize in a large volume, continuous cyclic reactors containing several electrodes in one reactor is constructed.

Research 1
solution plasma

Research 2
graphenev solar cells

Research 3
multifunctional nanocluster catalyst


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