Zoom Meeting

1.How to make oral presentation
For presenters

All oral presenters should enter the room before your session will be started 15 min, and check the screen sharing during a break.
To test your presentation, please use rooms A-G of ZOOM before/after sessions. The rooms are available from 7:30-19:45 JST throughout conference days.

You can also use the test room of zoom, which will be opened on the first day 8:00 – 13:00 to check the connection and screen sharing and microphone.  

After the test, you will give a presentation under guidance of a session Chair.


2.How to make poster presentation 
For presenters

In this conference, there is no huge poster rooms, however, we prepare a personal breakout room for each presenter and here is a brief introduction of “how to present your poster in your breakout room”.

How to use a breakout room?

All poster presenters are subject to upload the poster PPT in advance (the deadline was Aug. 20th). On your presentation time, first please check your room in Zoom. If your presentation No. is P-A1-100, please check the name of the breakout room “P-A1-100_(your name)” in Room A and enter the room. Then, you should wait there until the end of your poster presentation time. If someone comes to your breakout room, please present your poster with sharing your PC screen or window showing your poster. If you get questions and comments, please respond with mic or chat of Zoom. For the details on entering your breakout room and on presenting your poster, please check the instruction document sent later.  


3.How to ask questions

When you enter the oral presentation room and breakout room, your microphone must mute for noise cancel.

If you have any questions and comments, please ask the presenter with mic or chat of Zoom. When one person asks questions to the presenter, please wait for your turn or use the chat.


Important Notice:

Troubleshooting for lost connection

If your connection to Zoom is lost and you cannot present your poster during your time, first you should try to reconnect to Zoom by restarting and so on. However, when your connection cannot be recovered even after your try to reconnect, the head office of INTERFINISH 2020 can support recovery for your presentation. Please call 052-747-6595 (+81-52-747-6595 from overseas). This number is valid only for supporting your presentation during the conference.