Student Awards

Interfinish2020 will present awards for outstanding presentations by students. The award winners receive up to 50,000 JPY and an award certificate. To qualify, the paper must be presented by an undergraduate or graduate student of an educational institution under 30 years old.


Examination policy for Student Awards

The candidate for Student Awards is the presenters who are registered as a student at the submission of an abstract.
One presentation is examined by three reviewers at least three, there is no difference between oral and poster presentations.
Reviewers of six each topic individually evaluate candidates and the chair and vice-chair of the award committee in each topic select the top 10% excellent presentation including the abstract. Finally, the general chair of the program committee decides the presenter of student awards.

Award Results (Released: 2021/09/30)

Surface Treatment Technologies

Presentation No. Name Affiliation
A-SEP07-007 TRAKRUDIT Supicha Graduate School of Engineering,Muroran Institute of Technology
B-SEP08-004 Niu jiangqi Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
C-SEP08-008  Wataru Kubota Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kyoto University
P-A1-005 Daisuke Marumoto Department of Applied Chemistry, Chiba Institute of Technology
P-A1-011  Issei Kuzumi Meijo University
P-B2-012 Yusuke Katsumata Graduate School, Shibaura Institute of Technology
P-B2-015 Kenta Sugihara Graduate School of Engineering,University of Hyogo

Industrial Application

C-SEP07-016  Romero Valenzuela Andres Eduardo Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

Surface Analysis & Characterization

D-SEP07-006 Atiqah Binti Jasni Dept. of Innovation Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya University
P-D2-002 Zhengke TU Department of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Environment & Production Management

E-SEP07-004 Vanpaseuth Phouthavong National University of Laos, Nagoya University

Biofouling, Evaluation and Surface Finishing

P-F2-008 Dai Miyagawa Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba


G-SEP06-005 Yixuan Huang Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
G-SEP08-003 Ye Chen Tokyo Institute of Technology
P-G1-008 Dan-Yun Kim Division of Marine Engineering, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
P-G2-002 Wei Liu Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo