For oral presenters

For the digital presentations, the speaker should present at real time of the scheduled presentation time and Q&A on the Zoom meeting. For the foreign speakers, the presenter may upload a video of their presentation prior to the beginning of the conference. (If the presenter has any inconvenience, please ask to the secretariat.)

Answer questions about their presentation online.

All presentations must be in English.

The following are the recommended times for the various presentation types:

– Special lecture: 60 minutes

– Plenary Talk: 35 minutes (Presentation) +10 minutes (Q&A)

–Invited Speech: 20 minutes (Presentation) +10 minutes (Q&A)

– Oral: 15minitues (Presentation) +5minites (Q&A)

For poster presenters

If you were scheduled for a poster presentation, presenters should prepare a poster presentation (Template: There is no specific requested on the layout. The Recommended size is A2 horizontal within 5MB) and post this PDF copy via the web-site for upload. Prior to the beginning of the conference (The preparation deadline will be announced), the presenters must upload the presentation as a PDF file for easy inspection by the conference attendee. The conference will provide a time for the poster presentation and one Zoom break-out session to each poster presentation. The (first, one at least) author attends this poster session and discuss freely with the participants on the Zoom break-out session.

Notice: In the case of poster presentation, discussion and questions will be held via individual Zoom/Breakout room during the scheduled time.

Copyright issues

The INTERFINISH 2020 assumes that the presenting authors are holding the copyright to all information shown in their presentations. The INTERFINISH 2020 will allow the dissemination of the presentations to meeting participants, which will expire at the end of the meeting. It is for protecting the right of authors during the meeting and the detailed license agreement is on the webpage of INTERFINISH 2020.

Conference Topics

1. Surface Treatment Technologies

Keywords: Electroless plating, Electroplating, Composites plating, Anodizing, Thermal spray, Chemical conversion coatings, Hot-dipping, Vacuum and plasma technologies, Physical vapor deposition, Chemical vapor deposition, Heat treatment, Sol-gel coatings, Mechanical polishing and grinding, Chemical polish, Electrochemical polish, Chemical etching, Electrochemical etching, Dry etching, Electrochemical fabrication, Cleaning, Paint and application


2. Industrial Application

Keywords: Microelectronics, Batteries, Fuel batteries, Solar cells, Surface technologies for optics and electronics, Display components, Micro-joining, MEMS, Printed circuit boards, Photocatalysis, Anti-corrosion – Electronics, Automobile, Airplane, Ship, Nano-micro fabrications – Semiconductor process, Micro-TAS, Micro-parts for robots, 3D printing, Surface fabrication


3. Surface Analysis & Characterization

Keywords: Structure, Electric state, Composition, Conductivity, Transparency, Color, Hardness


4. Environment & Production Management

Keywords: Waste water, Air pollution, Solid waste, Recycling, Cleaner production, Process management, Quality management, Work environment management, Industrial management, Standardization and testing, Process Replacement


5. Biofouling, Evaluation and Surface Finishing

Keywords: Biofouling, Antibacterial effect, Antibacterial coating, Microbe influenced corrosion, Biocorrosion, Surface analyses for biofouling, Antifouling coating, Anti-infectious coating for biomaterials, Coating for cooling systems, Biofouling for heat exchange equipment, Marine corrosion, Staining for biofouling evaluation, Proteomics for biofouling, Hygiene issues, Food industries, Biofilm assisted infection, Hospital hygiene


6. General

Keywords: Surface function-tribology, Decorative appearance, Catalyst, Sensor, Biocompatibility, Wettability, Synthesis, Nanoparticles, New materials



To be determined.