Post Conference Journals

Transactions of the IMF provides international peer-reviewed coverage of all aspects of surface finishing, surface engineering and surface functionalisation, from fundamental research to in-service applications. Its principal interest is the application of surface engineering and coating technologies to enhance the properties of engineering components and assemblies. Coverage extends to substrates and finishes of a wide range of materials – metals and non-metals (including composites) – applied in the many industrial sectors in which surface finishing is vital, e.g. aerospace, automotive, electronics, construction, functionalisation, medical and conservation.

Finishing processes include aqueous and ionic liquid electrodeposition and electroless deposition as well as their pre- and post-treatments, together with complementary processes such as anodising; overlay coatings involving polymer/paint, powder and electrostatic organic finishes; electropolymerisation; vapour or spray deposition; vacuum and plasma assisted coatings; and other processes such as hot dipping.




Coatings (ISSN 2079-6412) is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal devoted to the science and engineering of coatings, thin and thick films, surfaces and interfaces. We aim to help researchers present their cutting-edge findings and opinions in detail and have quick dissemination among their peers. Original articles, reviews, communications, conference reports and short notes are all welcome.