Plenary talk

Prof. Karl S. Ryder
(University of Leicester, UK)
Prof. Thomas Lampke
(Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany)
Mr. Michael Siegmund
(MacdermidEnthone, USA)
Prof. Osamu Takai
(Kanto Gakuin University, Japan)
Prof. Sungmo MOON
(Korean Institute of Surface Engineering, Korea)
Anodic Oxidation Processes for Metal Surface Finishing
In this lecture, anodic oxidation processes for metal surface finishing, including etching, electropolishing, anodizing and plasma electrolytic oxidation, are introduced on the basis of fundamental principles and their practical applications. Principles of anodic dissolution and formation of oxide films under anodic polarization are compared and three different types of anodic oxide films are introduced in detail. Growth mechanisms of various types of anodic oxide films will be discussed based on the migration of ions through the anodic oxide layers and local dissolution or breakdown of the oxide films under applied high electric field.

Special lecture
Prof. Sumio IIJIMA
(Meijo University, Japan)